Delhi Tourism (2019)| Delhi Travel Guide & Sightseeing | Top Tourist Places

Delhi Tourism (2019)| Delhi Travel Guide & Sightseeing | Top Tourist Places

The capital of India, Delhi, is one of the ideal cities to enjoy the best of Indian culture. It is essential to see the monuments, attractions and many other best places to visit in Delhi. However, the beauty of the city often hides behind the heavy traffic jams and the exhausting weather, especially in summer. Despite all these factors, the city welcomes travelers with a panoramic view and a deep history. Delhi comes with many cultural attractions describe Indian traditions and customs.

Since the city was designed by the British, you see the entire city as a symbol of British power. That is why this is the reason why different cultures are established and also have a magnificent architecture which can be seen in the city today. Delhi has an extreme climate, so it is necessary to plan a trip according to your convenience. Avoid visiting this city during the months of April and June, as the scorching heat rises to 40 ° C. Similarly, from December to January, the weather is extremely cold and the temperature goes below zero. You can plan your trip any time between February and March or between October and November.

The part of New Delhi is one of the most vibrant districts of Delhi. Here you can find the best life in the city with many restaurants, cafes, clubs, and classy attractions. Whereas Old Delhi describes a messy lifestyle with small crude style homes, many markets and all that is historic.

The narrow and winding roads of old Delhi testify to the former Mughal government. Old Delhi is one of the oldest and busiest markets in the country: Chandni Chowk.

If you want to explore the history of Mughal, take some time to visit historical sites such as Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb and Purana Qila. There are famous temples throughout the city, including the Akshardham Temple, the Lotus Temple (also known as the Bahai Temple) and the ISKCON Temple in Delhi.

The center of Delhi is the center of political power in the country, and the picturesque places of the city include India Gate, Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhavan. The best place to visit this area is at night because all the buildings are illuminated and you can also see the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate.

The people of Delhi love to eat and tourists will have many options to have different dishes served in each corner. The kebabs, tikkas, Chole Bhature and many more dishes in Delhi are a melting pot of diverse cultures reflected in the city’s culinary palace.

Delhi is a shopping paradise with colorful markets and high-end markets. The wide variety of markets in Delhi allows travelers to return home with heavy luggage.

To better understand the different parts of Delhi, you can find the best places to visit in Delhi as per your needs and your choice. Explore Delhi best with adventures, sightseeing, hiking and many other things to do.

Best time to visit Delhi

While October to March is the best time to visit Delhi for relatively cool weather, a few weeks between November and the end of January should be avoided due to high smog coverage. In February and March, the weather is pleasant and the relatively pure air allows you to go outside. The summer months (April to July) in Delhi are extremely hot, the temperature here is up to 45 ° C. Temperatures drop slightly during the monsoon season (August to September) and ambition may occur for a few days.


Delhi in winter (December – March)

December to March is the best time to visit Delhi, as the weather is always good and the time has come for organizing various events and festivals. However, for a few weeks, due to fog, a thick layer of smoke and fog, it may sometimes be impossible to travel to Delhi for a month or more. It usually occurs in mid-November and one of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the burning of crops in the fields of neighboring states. Smog is dangerous and can be very difficult to breathe. Therefore, traveling to Delhi during this period is not recommended.


Whatever the weather in Delhi, Christmas and New Year are celebrated with great fervor in the city. The city is vibrant with many shows and concerts. There are many places to enjoy the nightlife in Delhi and it is worth planning a little in advance as the places are booked very early.


February and March are relatively clean and during these months, we can cover various historical monuments and understand their cultural significance. You can visit art museums and see beautiful paintings, Havelis and frescoes. For nature lovers and photographers too, this is the best time to visit, as the weather highlights the beauty of the city’s landscapes. Therefore, due to climatic and cultural reasons, these months are the best months to visit Delhi.


Delhi in Monsoon (July – September)

Delhi receives only a small amount of rain between July and September. In general, rain is strong and usually lasts for a few hours when it becomes quite difficult to travel outside. However, there are hardly 10–15 days in the entire season when it rains so much. However, the rain also reduces the temperature and makes the trip an ideal day if the rain is not out.


While this is not the right time for tourists, one can enjoy the greatness of the city bathed in rain during these months. There are many picturesque cafes in Delhi where you can spend time in a cafe, drink a coffee and read a book while watching the rain. In the rainy season, you can roam the street and enjoy favorite street food like samosas, chaat, shawarma and momos.


Gurmeet can also go to Murthal to enjoy one of Delhi’s most delicious paranthas in one of his dhabas. Art lovers can participate in various art festivals held during the monsoon. The Red Earth Monsoon Festival is a delight for art lovers. In the case of light rain, we will paddle across various lakes of Delhi.


Delhi in summer (April – June)

The hot and hot temperatures in Delhi are warm with temperatures ranging from 25 to 45 degrees. Although this is not the right time to travel to Delhi, many tourists also visit during this period. A large amount of water is required to stay hydrated and sunglasses are required for daytime sightseeing. There are fun activities that you can do in summer.


There are shopping centers where you can buy ice skating and go. One can expect to spend a Sunday morning in Gurgaon to see Rahgiri, a social initiative undertaken by an organization in Gurgaon. Here, one can practice activities like Ludo, Yoga, Cycling etc. You can go to Khari Baoli to take advantage of the scorer. For Gourmet, the festival takes place every year in summer.


In addition, you can enjoy summer evenings at the pool and visit different clubs during the nights. Take a night stroll in Chandni Chowk when the cool winds blow and enjoy the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Old Delhi on these narrow roads.


How to Reach Delhi

As the capital of the country, New Delhi is well connected to India and all major regions of the world. There are national and international flights at Delhi Airport. New Delhi is also the main railway station, which is connected to all major Indian cities. Public buses also serve nearby cities.


Popular routes to Delhi

Place Distance Time
Hyderabad to Delhi 1,564 km 23 hrs 58 min

Hyderabad to Delhi

   Hyderabad to Delhi Road Distance  

1,564 km

    Hyderabad to Delhi Aerial Distance  

1,261 km

   Hyderabad to Delhi Travel Time 23 hours 58 mins


Hyderabad to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Fly, 5 hrs, Rs. 6310

  • Hyderabad Airport (HYD) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 3 hrs, Rs. 6000

Option 2: Train via Secunderabad Jn, 24 hrs, Rs. 819

  • Secunderabad Jn – Delhi Sarai Rohilla by train, 23 hrs, Rs. 750

Option 3: Train, 28 hrs, Rs. 750

  • Hyderabad Decan – New Delhi by train, 28 hrs, Rs. 750

Option 4: Drive, 22 hrs, Rs. 13000

  • Hyderabad – Delhi by car, 22 hrs, Rs. 13000



Agra to Delhi

Place Distance Time
Agra to Delhi 233 km 3 hours 30 mins


   Agra to Delhi Road Distance  

233 km

    Agra to Delhi Aerial Distance 183 km
   Agra to Delhi Travel Time 3 hours 30 mins


Agra to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Train, 5 hrs, Rs. 140

  • Raja Ki Mandi – New Delhi by train, 5 hrs, Rs. 140

Option 2: Bus, 6 hrs, Rs. 583

  • Idgah Agra Junction – Sarai Kale Khan by bus, 5 hrs, Rs. 550

Option 3: Train via Hazrat Nizamuddin, 7 hrs, Rs. 211

  • Agra Cantt – Hazrat Nizamuddin by train, 7 hrs, Rs. 140

Option 4: Rideshare, 4 hrs, Rs. 569

  • Agra – New Delhi by rideshare, 4 hrs, Rs. 569

Option 5: Taxi, 4 hrs, Rs. 4400

  • Agra – Delhi by taxi, 4 hrs, Rs. 4400

Option 6: Drive, 4 hrs, Rs. 1800

  • Agra – Delhi by car, 4 hrs, Rs. 1800


Chandigarh to Delhi

Place Distance Time
Chandigarh to Delhi 244 km 3 hours 49 mins


   Chandigarh to Delhi Road Distance  

244 km

    Chandigarh to Delhi Aerial Distance  

234 km

   Chandigarh to Delhi Travel Time  

3 hours 49 mins


Chandigarh to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Train, 4 hrs, Rs. 160

  • Chandigarh – New Delhi by train, 4 hrs, Rs. 160

Option 2: Bus, 6 hrs, Rs. 290

  • Chandigarh – Delhi by bus, 6 hrs, Rs. 290

Option 3: Bus via Chandigarh, 8 hrs, Rs. 420

  • Chandigarh – Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate by bus, 8 hrs, Rs. 420

Option 4: Bus via Chandigarh, 9 hrs, Rs. 685

  • Chandigarh – Delhi by bus, 8 hrs, Rs. 650

Option 5: Night bus, 7 hrs, Rs. 370

  • Chandigarh – Delhi ISBT Kashmeere Gate by night bus, 7 hrs, Rs. 370

Option 6: Rideshare, 6 hrs, Rs. 663

  • Chandigarh – New Delhi by rideshare, 6 hrs, Rs. 663

Option 7: Taxi, 5 hrs, Rs. 5500

  • Chandigarh – Delhi by taxi, 5 hrs, Rs. 5500

Option 8: Drive, 5 hrs, Rs. 2200

  • Chandigarh – Delhi by car, 5 hrs, Rs. 2200

Option 9: Fly from Chandigarh, 4 hrs, Rs. 3495

  • Chandigarh Airport (IXC) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 2 hrs, Rs. 3400

Option 10: Taxi to Simla, fly, 5 hrs, Rs. 9068

  • Chandigarh – Simla by taxi, 3 hrs, Rs. 2500
  • Simla Airport (SLV) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 2 hrs, Rs. 6500



Shimla to Delhi


Place Distance Time
Shimla to Delhi 343 km 6 hours 52 mins


   Shimla to Delhi Road Distance  

343 km

    Shimla to Delhi Aerial Distance  

271 km

   Shimla to Delhi Travel Time  

6 hours 52 mins


Shimla to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Fly from Shimla, 3 hrs, Rs. 7162

  • Shimla Airport (SLV) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 2 hrs, Rs. 6500

Option 2: Bus to Chandigarh, fly, 6 hrs, Rs. 3688

  • Shimla – Chandigarh by bus, 3 hrs, Rs. 190
  • Chandigarh Airport (IXC) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 2 hrs, Rs. 3400

Option 3: Taxi to Kulu, fly, 6 hrs, Rs. 17291

  • Shimla – Kulu by taxi, 4 hrs, Rs. 4200
  • Kulu Airport (KUU) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 2 hrs, Rs. 13000

Option 4: Train, 7 hrs, Rs. 2135

  • Kalka – New Delhi by train, 5 hrs, Rs. 170

Option 5: Bus, 9 hrs, Rs. 1100

  • Shimla – Delhi by bus, 9 hrs, Rs. 1100

Option 6: Bus via Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate, 10 hrs, Rs. 700

  • Shimla – Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate by bus, 10 hrs, Rs. 700

Option 7: Bus via Delhi, 11 hrs, Rs. 700

  • Shimla – Delhi by bus, 11 hrs, Rs. 700

Option 8: Taxi, 6 hrs, Rs. 7500

  • Shimla – Delhi by taxi, 6 hrs, Rs. 7500

Option 9: Drive, 6 hrs, Rs. 3200

  • Shimla – Delhi by car, 6 hrs, Rs. 3200

Bangalore to Delhi

Place Distance Time
Bangalore to Delhi 2,154 km 1 day 7 hours


   Bangalore to Delhi Road Distance  

2,154 km

    Bangalore to Delhi Aerial Distance  

1,746 km

   Bangalore to Delhi Travel Time  

1 day 7 hours


Bangalore to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Fly, 6 hrs, Rs. 7610

  • Bengaluru Airport (BLR) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 4 hrs, Rs. 7500

Option 2: Train via Yasvantpur Jn, 34 hrs, Rs. 1010

  • Yasvantpur Jn – Delhi Sarai Rohilla by train, 32 hrs, Rs. 1000

Option 3: Train, 40 hrs, Rs. 1050

  • Bangalore Cant – New Delhi by train, 40 hrs, Rs. 1050

Option 4: Bus, 48 hrs, Rs. 2205

  • Bangalore – Mumbai by bus, 18 hrs, Rs. 750
  • Mumbai – Ahmedabad by bus, 12 hrs, Rs. 700
  • Ahmedabad – Delhi by bus, 20 hrs, Rs. 750

Option 5: Drive, 30 hrs, Rs. 18000

  • Bengaluru – Delhi by car, 30 hrs, Rs. 18000



Pune to Delhi

Place Distance Time
Pune to Delhi 1,465 km 1 day 0 hours


   Pune to Delhi Road Distance  

1,465 km

    Pune to Delhi Aerial Distance  

1,179 km

   Pune to Delhi Travel Time  

1 day 0 hours


Pune to Delhi – How to reach

Option 1: Fly, 4 hrs, Rs. 6897

  • Pune Airport (PNQ) – Delhi Airport (DEL) by flight, 3 hrs, Rs. 6500

Option 2: Train via Khopoli, 22 hrs, Rs. 801

  • Pune Jn – Lonavala by train, 2 hrs, Rs. 90
  • Lonavala – Hazrat Nizamuddin by train, 20 hrs, Rs. 640

Option 3: Train, 29 hrs, Rs. 700

  • Pune Jn – New Delhi by train, 29 hrs, Rs. 700

Option 4: Bus, 34 hrs, Rs. 1467

  • Pune – Ahmedabad by bus, 15 hrs, Rs. 700
  • Ahmedabad – Delhi by bus, 20 hrs, Rs. 750

Option 5: Drive, 22 hrs, Rs. 12000

  • Pune – Delhi by car, 22 hrs, Rs. 12000


How to reach Delhi by flight

Indira Gandhi International Airport, located to the west of the city, is one of the best airports in the world. It has three operational terminals: 1C / 1D Terminal, which is the national terminal used by low-cost airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet and GoAir, Terminal 3 is used by international flights and National Airlines Jet Airways and Air India, and Terminal 2 are used during the Hajj pilgrimage. To get from the airport to the main city, you can use the express metro from Delhi Airport, which leaves from Terminal 3. You can also use Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses available outside the airport or you can book a taxi.

Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)


Reach Delhi by road

Delhi is connected by road to all major cities of the country. Although buses are not comfortable like trains, they are the only option between some locations, especially in the mountains. There are many bus terminals in Delhi and its main operator is Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). Kashmiri Gate ISBT, commonly known as “ISBT”, is the largest terminal. Other main terminals are Sarai Kale Khan ISBT (near Hazrat Nizamuddin station), Anand Vihar ISBT, Bikaner House (near India Gate), Mandi House (near Barakhamba Road) and Majnu Fort.


Reach Delhi by train

Delhi has four main stations: Delhi Junction, also known as “Purani Delhi”, New Delhi located in central Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin in the southern part of the city and Anand Vihar in the east. Delhi Junction railway station and New Delhi are connected by metro line 2, while Anand Vihar is connected to metro line 3. Hazrat Nizamuddin is the starting point for most trains going south and Anand Vihar serves most of the services in the east. Taxis and buses are available outside all the train stations to take you to different parts of the city.


Transport in Delhi

If you come to Delhi for the first time and do not rent a taxi, there are many other modes of transportation.


Make sure you have downloaded Ola and Uber. Booking a taxi is a very convenient way to get to Delhi. These services will ensure that the price is correct! Sometimes it can be an expensive affair, most of the time, these services provide trouble-free trips.


If you have to travel long distances and the roads are congested, then the Delhi Metro is the best option. The minimum fare that can be charged is INR 10 and a maximum of INR 60 for one trip. Although tokens are available, if you want to travel a lot by subway, a smart card is viable and can be issued for a cost of 150 INR. Then it must be recharged (the minimum amount must be 200 INR and maximum INR 2000). Several subway lines cover the vast area of ​​Delhi. The main crossings to replace the subway are Rajiv Chowk, Kashmir Gate, Mandi House, Central Secretariat, Kirti Nagar, and New Delhi. The main lines are: yellow (Jahangirpuri to Huda City Center), blue (Noida City Center / Vaishali to Dwarka Sector 21), red (Rithala to Dilshad Garden), purple (Kashmiri Gate to Badarpur, green (Inderlok to Mundka)), and Orange (New Delhi to Sector 21 of Dwarka). The orange line is also known as a rapidly articulated airport, which is connected directly to the airport. It is a more expensive line than the others. There is also connectivity with the NCR region. On the yellow line, a fast subway connects Sikanderpur with the cyber center.


If the distance to travel is very short, then rickshaws and cars are the best. However, you can spend a lot of time interacting with these drivers. Although rickshaw drivers are still reasonable, car drivers may charge incorrectly. Ask them to charge the price of the meter (a difficult task for Delhi). You can also download the Ola Auto option as the rates will be reasonable. Another option is to use the e-rickshaw option, which can accommodate four people for an additional INR 10 charge.


Buses are the cheapest way to travel in Delhi. The rate can be as low as 5 INR. If you are lucky that a bus is cramming a bit, then it is a very cheap and effective formula. Otherwise, buses in Delhi are congested and since they are not from Delhi, it can be difficult to drive. These buses cover innumerable routes.