Kerala Tourism (2019) | Checkout the travel guide & Local Attractions

Kerala Tourism (2019) | Checkout the travel guide & Local Attractions




The state of Kerala is a separate retreat for tourists who regularly retreat and witness the bustle of everyday life. The healthy sea breeze of the Arabian Sea forms the western boundary of the city. The mountain ranges of the Western Ghats set their eastern limits. This narrow strip of land is also known as the “God’s own country”. As a tourist, it can become an ideal destination for you as it offers a natural diversity. For example, you can find a hill station in Wayanad, then you can stay in a houseboat inside the Kerala backwaters and finally you can go to a beach to complete the circle. Tourist places in Kerala will provide you an experience that will remain in your memory forever. Located in the south of India, on the coast of Malabar, it is a small strip of paradise that is one of the best tropical tourist destinations one can explore. Whether you want to sunbathe and sow the palm-fringed Kovalam Beach or you want to walk to the hill station of Munnar, or even if you want to walk the busy streets of Kochi, Kerala, this is all.


In the last three decades, many factors have come into play and have helped this state to become a friendly tourist state. For example, this state has a literacy rate of one hundred percent, people are friendly with Queen’s English and this factor makes it a friendly state with international tourists. Two decades ago, the state also witnessed the migration of educated people to western countries. This international migration has created a demand for international flights and interconnection flights, which makes Kerala now well connected to air installations. The reverse migration of this workforce has also created a climate of investment in the state. This investment model has also developed a separate tourist infrastructure where you can experience the spectacular attractions of this state under the approval of the big cities.


Currently, Kerala is on its way to becoming a tourist destination with world-class facilities. The state tourism authorities promote incredible activities for tourists. Now, these efforts make it a world-class destination where ancient natural wonders await your happy journey. In terms of economy, Kerala is a versatile destination. Organized players in the tourism industry come with the best facilities in the midst of nature. If you are an economical traveler, you can take advantage of similar facilities in locally developed locations. Visit Kerala to learn about a tourist and spa culture that will heal and revive you to immerse you in life with force. Make a map to find the best tourist destinations in Kerala.


A land of literate and simple citizens, Kerala entertains you with its magnificent forms of dance, music, and crafts. Considered one of the ten parades in the world, Kerala is known for its long palm beaches, beautiful rivers, bodies of sacred water and a green and peaceful environment. In addition to the green and attractive hills of Wayanad and Idukki, beaches such as Kovalam and Varkala and swampy destinations such as Alleppey and Kumarakom are some of the highlights in Kerala. Surrounded by coconut trees, the long coast offers many fishing opportunities. Backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, mountain ranges, and Kerala beaches will bring you pleasure and peace will refresh your mind and body.


 Top Attractions In Kerala


  1. Atukkad Waterfalls

Situated 2 km from Munnar amidst beautiful hills and lush green forests, this ancient waterfall is a place for romantic getaways and picnics. However, the road to Attukad is very narrow and requires a lot of driving experience.



  1. Rose Garden Munnar

The rose gardens of Munnar are spread over 2 acres of land, an excellent stretch that spreads to a wide variety of plants, including spices, crops such as cardamom and vanilla, and other fruit trees. These agricultural gardens give an attractive and wonderful aroma, making the gardens a rich experience of living. Located in Munnar in Kerala, on National Highway 49, just two kilometers from the city center.  The place is located 3,500 feet above sea level and has an impressive view. Touchy flowers and colorful flowers make the place on earth a little heaven.


Although the garden is known as the “Rose Garden”, you can also find a wide variety of plants and trees. The region is covered with crops like vanilla and cardamom. It is also home to many spices and fruit trees such as lychee, strawberry, rumbuta, and amla. Here you can find an equally large variety of flowering plants. Tropical seasonal fruits grow throughout the year, and fresh vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower, bananas, and legumes can be obtained at the planting plant. You can also buy seeds of flowering plants from here to return and grow in memory of this beautiful place.


  1. Banasura Dam

The picturesque Banasura Sagar Dam lies in the lap of Banasura hills in Wayanad district. The Banasura Dam is the largest in the country and the second-largest in Asia. The view of the huge reservoir from above the dam is impressive. Thrills such as rapid navigation are available, and a stream to Banasura Peak is with streams, flora, diverse wildlife, lush tropical flora, and majestic waterfalls. An earth dam, also known as an embankment dam, is built by making mud, sand, rock, or mud dunes. The view of Banasura Lake from the hilltop is attractive.


Built along the Karamanthodu River, a tributary of the Kabina River, this tourist attraction is well maintained as part of the Sagar Banasur project in India. Provides irrigation, potable water and electricity to nearby places. The vast area of ​​clear water is a photographer’s dream, dotted with small islands and the view is incredible during the monsoons. The hills are named after “Banasura”, the son of the famous king, Mahabali. Ideal for picnics, Banasura Dam is one of the most beautiful places not only in Kerala but in the entire country.


  1. House Boats

Popularly known as Venice of the East, Alleppey or Allapuzha is famous for its serene waters and its exceptionally picturesque surroundings. The Alleppey Houseboat Cruise is the latest and perhaps the best for a list of ways you can enjoy the charming natural beauty of this picturesque city. Alleppey has a unique network of criss-cross channels that run through the city, allowing you to use the entire area while relaxing in your houseboat.


These 120-foot-tall luxury havens sparkle along the serene waters of Alleppey and offers breathtaking views of endless rice fields and coconut trees that swing you from all around and bend over the water as if they were your own Would appreciate reflection. The proximity to the lakes and dense flora of the city makes it an ideal environment to relax with a cup of hot coffee.




Ayurveda In Kerala


Kerala not only promises to rejuvenate your body with Ayurveda, but also surrounds your soul with natural beauty. The magic of this ancient Indian science attracts travelers from all over the world. Tourism centers and special centers are scattered throughout the state. You can choose to visit Ayurvedic centers, keeping in mind your overall benefits or analyzing the rejuvenation of your body. What is more attractive is the fact that many resorts offer this treatment as a bonus for staying at their location, which, in our opinion, is a good deal.



Wildlife of Kerala

While humans and wildlife have been living together in Kerala for a long time, as a member of the concrete jungle, you can have a closer look at nature in the tropical forests of Kerala. With monkeys and elephants in abundance, the rainforests have persisted. Kerala has many protected and protected sites, so wildlife will not be found anywhere soon. You can ride elephants in the middle of the jungle, bathing them, or simply walk and follow animals such as long-tailed Macao or Indian lazy bears. Kerala has 14 wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves.


Languages in Kerala

With a population of more than three crores, Kerala has a fusion of different languages. The official language of Kerala is very popular in Malayalam. Another popular language is English, which is taught in all public schools. I think many Keralians are at least bilingual. However, apart from the main languages, the land itself is divided into several communities, all of which have been affected by many years of trade in spices, etc., which lead to many dialects and languages.



Geography of Kerala

Although landlocked from all sides except one, Kerala is known for its winding canals and rivers, highlands and golden beaches. The state seems small, but one of the unique places in India. The beauty of the nation’s south-west consists of fourteen wildlife sanctuaries representing 2,855.5822 sq km of forest. While the coastal land 4000 Sq km. They extend to the west, unlike the rolling hills of spices and tea.



People of Kerala

Kerala is one of the safest areas where people believe in simplicity and honesty, are very sensitive and lead a simple but satisfying life. While the language of Kerala is Malayalam, most people speak English. Kerala is a country of art and culture; Magnificent dance forms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Koodiyattam and colorful festivals are the spirits of the region. White is one of the favorite colors here, and there is a sense of respect for the culture, religion, and tradition of the state. Political discussions prevail because people have an inclination towards politics and socialist leanings. Famous as a land of art and culture, Kerala celebrates many colorful festivals throughout the year that add to the richness of its culture.



History of Kerala

Kerala was somehow formed in 1956 after the Madras presidential reorganization. However, it takes the name of the first ruler who presided over the region: Keralian Thamboran, though some say the name came from Kera, which means coconut palm, a plant widely used in the state. Famous for its spices even in the past, Kerala had become the center of the spice trade since the Babylonian era, and the fame has not disappeared since. As a result, Kerala has a distinct influence in its culture from Dutch, French to British and also on its food.

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